Moon Mall

Dramatis Personae


Written by Sheida Birgani



Act One




Panel 1. CANDY KANE, 24, brunette, slender, is decorating her candy store with a banner that reads “Happy 40th Anniversary, Moon Base!” There is a tray of candies shaped like party trinkets such as hats, whistles, balloons and streamers. There is also a tray of full moon-shaped cookies with “40th” iced on them.


Cap. 1. Today is the 40th Anniversary of the founding of Moon Base Colony, and the proprietors of Moon Mall are preparing for a celebration


Cap. 2. But someone—or something—else has other plans for the denizens of the moon.


Panel 2. Medium shot of Candy looking over her shoulder. LIONEL ATTICUS, 40, black, is approaching her store.


CANDY: (thought) Here comes the boss. I hope he likes what I’ve done with the place.


Panel 3. Candy is in front of her store holding a cookie out to Lionel. He is looking down at his notepad and doesn’t seem to see the cookie.


CANDY: Good morning, Lionel. I’m all ready for the big celebration! Cookie?


LIONEL: It’ll do. I’ll be back later.


CANDY: But you haven’t even—




Panel 4. Wide shot of Candy holding the cookie out to Lionel’s back as Lionel walks away. Candy looks perplexed.


Cap. Lionel was known for his love of candied treats. It was hardly like him to turn one down.


CANDY: (thought) Huh…well that was kind of weird. Oh well. Back to work, I guess.




Panel 1. Wide shot of FARNEY BIFE, 52, lanky, walking past Candy’s shop at a hurried pace. Candy has a friendly smile and is waving as Farney walks right past her.


CANDY: Hey, Farney! How’s it…going? What, really? Not even a “good morning”?


SARAH: (on Farney’s walkie-talkie) Sheif to Bife: Hurry it up, Farney. Evaluation isn’t going to do itself!


FARNEY: Yeah, yeah. I’m almost there, Sarah.


Panel 2. Wide shot of Candy leaving her shop to follow Farney.


CANDY: (thought) Something’s up. I’ve gotten used to Farney’s daily, if fruitless, flirting. Something’s messing with my schedule, and I’m gonna find out what!


Panel 3. Wide shot of Farney and SARAH SHEIF, 35, black, athletic, in the food court. Candy is in the foreground hiding behind a pillar to listen to the conversation.


SARAH: Almost everyone’s been invited, and here I find you slacking in your duties. That is not acceptable.


FARNEY: Finding uninvited is a tall order to fill, Chief. I’m doin’ the best I can. I’m only one security officer, after all.


SARAH: Well, do better. Lionel wants security doubled for the celebration.




Panel 1. Close up of Candy leaning out from behind the pillar. She looks puzzled.


CANDY: But Sarah hates this job.


Panel 2. Shot of BUCK GORDON, 21, buff, surprising Candy from behind.


CANDY: I wonder if it’s the celebration that’s— (shouting) EEK!


BUCK: Good morning, candy lady! Nice day for a party, ain’t it?




Panel 3. Medium shot of Candy angrily glaring at Buck while Buck grins innocently and holds his hands up in defense.


CANDY: Buck Gordon! Oh, the nerve! What do you mean by sneaking up on me like that?


BUCK: Hey, take it easy, Candy. It was just a bit of fun. I was wondering if you’d been invited yet?


Panel 4. Medium shot of Candy and Buck in conversation. Candy looks surprised.


Cap. 1. It was a well-known fact that Candy was rather fond of Buck, though the sports shop owner only had eyes for the Security Chief, Sara.


CANDY: Invited? That’s the second time I’ve heard that today. What is this? Some kind of prank everyone is playing on me?


BUCK: That’s mean. Why would you think that?


CANDY: You’re talking to me, for one…uh, no offense. I, uh, I gotta go…


Cap. 2. On a normal day, Buck barely even notices Candy’s existence.


Panel 5. Shot of Candy heading back to her shop. She is passing a couple of mall patrons who look at her strangely but let her pass.


BUCK: (OP) Does that mean you’re not invited?


CANDY: (thought) What could possibly be going on? Everyone is acting completely opposite of themselves… It’s almost like they’re all…brainwashed. Whatever it is, I am going to figure it out.







Panel 1. Candy walks out of her break room to an empty store: no customers and no employees. Candy looks shocked. There is a “Sorry, We’re Closed” sign sitting out by the register in customer view.


CANDY: Wh--? Where is everyone? I can’t run my business like this! Now I have two mysteries to solve.


Panel 2. Wide shot of Candy walking through the mall passing by shop owners and mall visitors alike. All seem to be reaching for Candy.


PATRON 1 & 2: Hi, Ms. Kane! Have you been invited?


PATRON 3 & Shoe Salesman: Have you been invited, Ms. Kane?


PATRON 4 & 5: Hear the invitation, Ms. Kane.


CANDY: Okay, I am officially freaked out, now. Please get out of the way, folks! I don’t have time for this!




Panel 1. Candy is face-to-face with her two EMPLOYEES. They appear to be blissfully ignorant of their surroundings. Candy looks worried.


CANDY: I’ve been looking all over for you! What’s going on around here?


EMPLOYEE 1 & 2: We’ve been invited, Ms. Candy. Have you been invited?


CANDY: (shouting) Enough of this “invited” nonsense! Why is everyone acting so strange?!


Panel 2. Candy is surrounded by a crowd of people including her employees. Candy is terrified.


EMPLOYEES 1 & 2: She has not been invited!


CANDY: Oh boy…




CANDY:(small) help!


Panel 3. Close up shot of Candy’s right hand. A weathered hand has gripped Candy’s wrist.


UNKNOWN: (OP) Quick! This way!


Panel 4. Shot of OLMAN REAVER, 60, weathered yet athletic, running trough the crowd with Candy in tow. The mall patrons are still trying to grab her.


Candy: (shouting) Who are you? Where are you taking me?


Olman: (shouting) Run now, questions later!




Panel 1. Wide shot of the crowd running past a vacant, curtain-covered outlet.


Panel 2. Side view of Olman peaking out of a slit in the curtain.


Olman: Sorry about that, Ms. Candy. Are you okay?


Candy: (OP) I think so.


Panel 3. Candy is looking at Olman’s back. There is just enough light in the vacant lot to recognize the old man as the local mall transient.


Candy: Olman? I though Sarah finally tossed you out.


Olman: No. I’ve just been lying low these past few weeks…waiting.


Candy: Waiting for what?


Panel 4. Close up of half of Olman’s face. He looks grim.


Olman: The return of the Outsider…


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