Dragon Eye

   --Short film script, action


Dylan Hopkins is an ex-convict working with Interpol to track down "Dragon Eye," a dangerous drug trafficker responsible for the deaths of law enforcement officers and civilians alike. Dylan is partnered with Sky-Lin Xiao, a narcotics detective from Hong Kong. Both had dealings with Dragon Eye in the past and have personal vendettas to settle with him.






Black Soul

   --Short film script, supernatural suspense


Detective Adrian Flynn and his partner Mali Ramar are sent to investigate strange reports coming out of the once-ghost town of Greysonya, Arkansas. Flynn, a soul-reader, can sense a dark presence on the town, a belief proven true when the townspeople try to sacrifice his partner to a demon.






The Big Bang Theory: The Competition Experimentation

   --Spec script, sitcom


Workshop piece. Sheldon is chosen to host a charity science fair on the CalTech campus. However, Barry Kripke leaves Sheldon nervous about the whole thing when he off-handedly tells Sheldon that Dr. Seibert will regret choosing Sheldon over him for this important position. Only contains the Cold Open and the first Act.






Moon Mall: Dramatis Personae

   --Comic script, science fiction


Workshop piece. The patrons and shopkeepers of Moon Mall are preparing for the 40th anniversary of the colony Moon Base. Candy Kane, the proprietor of the Sweet Tooth candy store notices odd behavior in the people around her. She teams up with the local transient, Olman Reaver to prevent the return of the Overlord, an alien entity bent on turning humanity into cheap labor for his people. Contains only the first two acts.

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