Short Stories

The Eden Chronicles: Chronicle of the Earth Key

  --A short story adaptation of a planned series.


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Set in the mid 2900's, Captain Alayna Ramis and her band of smugglers and treasure hunters find themselves stranded on Saturn's moon Titan after a heated battle in orbiting space. While bartering for the parts to repair their ship, they discover an artifact that may contain a different story behind the human exodus from Earth.





Dueling Dragons: A Beginning

   --The beginning of a larger story.


A rock band from Central Florida gets transported to a parallel world inhabited by dragons. Rinku and her friends learn that they were chosen to battle an ancient sorcerer. They must earn the trust of their dragon companions in order to defeat him.






Of Rabbits and Turtles

   --Short story, Science Fiction/YA


An adaptation of Aesop's Fable The Tortoise and the Hare. Robert O'Hare and his close friend Turk Terapyn are young cadets in the Terra Nova Flight School. Both desire to be squadron leaders of their class, but Robert wants to speed through and skip the tests and lectures while Turk wants to make sure he's prepared for any circumstance. This puts a strain on the friendship, worsened only by the revelation that they would most likely be acedemic rivals for the remainder of their training.

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